Kids with Cancer in Need of Coats this Winter!

Friends of Kids with Cancer strives to meet the ever-evolving needs associated with childhood cancer. Hospital stays and medical procedures can cause significant financial stress for the patient and their families. These burdens become especially difficult during the cold, holiday season. By donating new winter items such as coats, gloves, and hats we can help alleviate some of these worries and allow the family to focus on staying healthy and spending time together!

The following list includes patients and their siblings who are in need of coats for the upcoming winter season. We kindly ask that all donated coats are new. Coats may be dropped off to our office at 530 Maryville Centre Drive, LL5 by 5 p.m. on Friday, November 10. Donations of a new hat and pair of gloves for each child is also greatly appreciated.

Call our office at 314.275.7440 or email our Program Director, Brandy, to let us know which child/children you wish to donate a coat to. This will allow us to indicate which children's needs are filled. If possible, please include a gift receipt.

Thank you for helping kids with cancer stay warm this winter! 

If shopping isn't your thing, consider making a donation to Coats for Kids and we'll do the shopping for you! Click here to donate to Coats for Kids.

# First Name Size Favorite Color Gender Filled
1 Alex Youth 16/18 Blue M  Filled
2 Cole Youth 12/14 Gray or black  Filled 
3 Kyliee Youth Large - 10/12 Light Blue F  Filled
4 Skylarr  Youth Small (6x) Pink F  Filled
5 Adam  Youth Small (6x) Blue or Black M  Filled
6 Savannah Youth 8/10 Pink F  Filled
7 Jacob Youth 7/8 Red M  Filled
8 Holden Youth 5/6 Green M  Filled
9 Sydney Youth 7 Pink or Purple F  Filled 
10 Mary Youth 5  Pink F  Filled
11 Landon Youth 6 Blue or Gray M  Filled 
12 Becca Youth 14 Bue or Gray F  Filled 
13 Max Adult 2XL Black or Gray M  Filled 
14 Drew  Adult 2XL Gray or black M  Filled
15 Alexia  Youth 4 No Pink F  Filled 
16 Avis  Adult Small Silver or Black F  Filled
17 Colton Youth 4/5 or 5 Green or Blue M  Filled 
18 Mackenzie Youth 7/8 or 8 Teal Blue or Black F  Filled 
19 Zac 12 / Youth Large Orange or Blue M  Filled  
20 Quinn 12 / Youth Large Green or Gray M  Filled 
21 Brianna Adult Medium Black or White F  Filled
22 Jordan  Adult 2XL Dark Gray M  Filled
23 Hailey Adult 2XL Teal Blue  F  Filled
24 Izzy  2T Any F  Filled
25 Auggie  5T Blue or Green or Orange M  Filled
26 Creg Youth 10 any M  Filled
27 Harmonie 24mths any F  Filled
28 Jacoby 5T or Youth XS any M  Filled
29 Baby (Sibling) Intant 6mths Pink F  Filled
30 Lucas Adult medium Blue M  Filled
31 Trenton Adult XL Blue or Yellow M  Filled
32 Aubrielle 4T any F  Filled
33 Rueger(Sibling) 3T any M  Filled
34 Camar 5T  Red M  Filled
35 Camren(Sibling) Youth 10/12 Red M  Filled
36 Camari((Sibling) Youth 14 Pink F  Filled
37 Camry(Sibling) Junior Medium Blue F  Filled
38 Joshua Adult Small any M  Filled
39 Jordan (Sibling) Adult XL any M  Filled
40 Jisselle (Sibling) Youth 12 any F  Filled
41 Jonathan (Sibling) Youth 11 any M  Filled
42 Hario (Sibling) Youth 6 any M  Filled
43 Karlie Adult Large any F  Filled
44 Lissa (Sibling) Adult 2XL any F  Filled
45 Kaylie (sibling) Adult 1XL any F  Filled
46 Alan 4T any M  Filled
47 Andrea Youth 8 any F  Filled
48 Zarren Adult Large any M  Filled
49 Jamar (Sibling) 2T any M  Filled
50 James (Sibling) 5T any M  Filled
51 Makayah (Sibling) 3-6 Months any F  Filled
52 Elaina 9 months  any F  Filled
53 Roxie Adult large Royal Blue F  Filled
54 Steven Youth Medium any M  Filled
55 Tyffany(Sibling) 5T any F  Filled
56 Jacob 4/5 T Red or Blue M  Filled
57 Ruby 2T Purple or Pink F  Filled
58 Maya 10 or 12 Purple or Pink F  Filled 
59 Zeke 5 or 6 Blue or Green M  Filled
60 Vance 14 orange/any color M  Filled
61 Vance sibling 3 mos orange/any color M  Filled
62 Jakayla 12 or 14 pink F  Filled
63 Jamaya 10 or 12 pink F  Filled
64 Kyyana Large Womens any color F  Filled
65 Otis Small Mens blue or black M  Filled
66 Jermaine 14 or 16 blue or black M  Filled
67 Jamara 14 or 16 Purple or Pink F  Filled
68 Marlanam 12 or 14 purple or pink F  Filled
69 Tamia  4T purple or pink F  Filled
70 Tajinae 16 Juniors brown or black F  Filled
71 Tyree 18 in boys gray or black M  Filled
72 Trenton 7 or 8 boys gray or black M  Filled
73 Zendaya 4T any F  Filled
74 Rylan 4T blue M  Filled
75 Rylan 3T pink F  Filled
76 Rylan  Youth Medium Red M  Filled
77 Kinslee 5T pink or blue F  Filled
78 Deara XL purple or pink F  Filled
79 Deara (Sibling) 2X black gray blue M  Filled
80 Deara (Sibling) Medium pink F  Filled
81 Deara (Sibling) Medium black gray blue F  Filled
82 Alvin 5T any M  Filled
83 Shreya 3T red F  Filled
84 Lech adult small black/gray  F  Filled
85 Calvin Large Adult black or blue M  Filled 
86 Crystal Large Adult pink or navy blue F  Filled 
87 Jason 8 or 10 red or neon green M  Filled 
88 Skyler: Jason Sibling 14 or 16 red or neon green M  Filled 
89 Gabriel 2T black M  Filled 
90 Braylen: Brenyiah Sibling 4 or 5T green or red M  Filled
91 Brenyiah  3T pink  F  Filled
92 Hailey 4T red F  Filled 
93 Mario Adult M/L Any M  Filled 
94 Joshua(sibling) Youth S or 5T Any M  Filled 
95 Samuel Adult Small Any B  Filled
96 Ramsies Youth Large Any B  Filled
97 Ramis Youth Small Any B  Filled
98 Allie Adult Small Black or Gray F  Filled  
99 Mya 6/7 or Small Pink F Filled
Adult Small Red F Filled
101 Dart (Sibling)

Y 12/14 or 14

Red M Filled
102 Sophia (Sibling) Youth 6/7 Pink or Purple F Filled
103 Ari (Sibling) Youth 5/6 Pink F Filled
104 Andre (Sibling) 2T Green or Orange M Filled
105 Alex (Sibling) 9 Months Blue M Filled
106 Marilyn 2T Any F Filled
107 Amos 2T Any M


109 Alijah 4T Any M Filled 
109 Adrian 3T Any M Filled
110 Marilyn (Sibling) Youth 6 Any F Filled
111 Marilyn (Sibling) Youth 6 Any F Filled
112 Odessa Adult M Black F Filled
113 Landon Youth 12 Red M Filled
114 Colton (Sibling) Youth 14 Red or Black M Filled
115 Braxten (Sibling) Youth 5 Any M Filled 
116 Tobias Youth 8 Any M Filled
117 Kennedi 18Mths Any F Filled
118 Curtis Adult 2XL Any M  Filled
119 Gram Youth 10/12 Green (NO Blue) M Filled
120 Owen (Sibling) Youth 12/14 Blue or Camo M Filled 
121 Lorraine (Sibling) Junior Small Blue, Turquoise, Teal F Filled
122 Eldrica Youth 14/16 Black F Filled
123 Elijah Youth 5 Black M Filled
124 El-Diriah 24 Months Black F Filled
125 Zoe (Mya Sibling) 10/12 (Large) Teal/Turquoise F Filled
126 Jack (Mya Sibling) 8/10 (Medium) Blue or Black M Filled
127 Sulley Adult M Red M  Filled
128 Jude (Sibling) Youth 12 Blue M  Filled
129 Leo (Sibling) Youth 4 Orange M  Filled
130 Parker Youth 10 Any M  Filled
131 Parker (Sibling) 16/18 Any F  Filled
132 Parker (Sibling) Youth 6 Any F  Filled
133 Parker (Sibling) 4T Any M  Filled
134 Parker (Sibling) 3T Any F  Filled
135 Parker (Sibling) 0-3 Months Any M  Filled
136 Maiximiliano Youth Sm/MD Any M  Filled
137 Benjamin 2T Any M  Filled
138 Katelynn Youth 12 Any F  Filled
139 Timothy Youth XXL Any M  Filled
140 Robery 18 months blue/ green M  Filled
141 Dorrian Youth 8 green M  Filled
142 Sunshine Youth 8 pink F  Filled
143 Kylee Adult L black F  Filled
144 Kiara Adult M black F  Filled
145 Adreona Youth 10/12 pink F  Filled
146 Adrian 2T blue/ black M  Filled
147 Kylisaa 3-6 months pink F  Filled
148 Jasmine Youth 6 pink/purple F Filled
149 Pamela 18 months any F Filled
150 Trinity Youth 5 any F Filled 
151 Serenity Youth 8 any F Filled 
152 Cashtion Youth 10 any M Filled
153 Jaden Adult Small any F  Filled
154 Marshall Youth 14/16 gray/black M Filled
155 Makenzie (Sibling) Junior L black F Filled
156 Mayson (Sibling) 3T black/blue M  Filled
157 Mary Caroline (Sibling) 2T pink F  Filled
158 Lilyana 3T purple F  Filled
159 Tiana Adult M black/ brown F Filled
160 Kayli Youth 8 pink/ purple F Filled
161 Kevin Youth 10 black/ gray M Filled 
162 Antwan Youth14 black/ gray M Filled 
163 Miranda Youth M purple F Filled 
164 Miranda (Sibling) Youth M blue/ green M Filled 
165 Miranda (Sibling) 4T purple/ pink F Filled 
166 Alyssa Adult S black F  Filled
167 Tiana 4T pink F  Filled
168 Rebecca Adult Large Any Color F  Filled