THANK YOU for Helping Kids with Cancer Stay Warm this Winter!


Once again, our donors have made life a little easier for our families by fulfilling all of the winter coats needed.



Number   Size Favorite Color Gender Status
1 Kelly 10/12 girls Turquoise F Filled
2 Kelly women's large smokey gray F Filled
3 Nick Men's XL Blue/black M Filled
4 Makeda Jr. S or Girls 14 Black/grey F Filled
5 Joseph Men's L Blue/black M Filled
6 Matthew Men's L Blue/black M Filled
7 Jayden 10 Red M Filled
8 Brayden 5T Black/dark blue M Filled
9 Zoe Jr. M Black F Filled
10 Auraya Jr. M Black F Filled
11 Darren Men's L Black M Filled
12 Wyatt 5T Any M Filled
13 Logan Girls 10 or L Teal (any but pink) F Filled
14 Reagan 18 mo Any F Filled
15 Aeris Women's M Purple/red/black F Filled
16 James Men's M Black M Filled
17 John Men's 3x Black M Filled
18 Kasey 6 Pink/purple/sparkles F Filled
19 Aubrey 3T Pink or Purple F Filled
20 Madison 14/16 Unicorn F Filled
21 Jayden 2T anything girly F Filled
22 Mylee 3 months anything girly F Filled
23 Chevelle 4T   F Filled
24 Ryan 7   M Filled
25 Breelee 7   F Filled
26 Waylon 3T   M Filled
27 Jaxsen 24 Months   M Filled
28 Chloe 10/12 girls   F Filled
29 Corey Mens Med   M Filled
30 Maurice Mens 2XL   M Filled
31 Mia Belle Womens 2XL   F Filled
32 Vanessa 14-16 girls Purple F Filled
33 Monica 2XL Black F Filled
34 Edgar 2XL Tall Black M Filled
35 Samantha XL Black F Filled
36 Italy M Black F Filled
37 Edgar L Red M  
38 Eric L Black M Filled
39 Cameron large black M Filled
40 Brayden large black M Filled
41 Angelina Adult Medium Black or Red F Filled
42 Darkena Adult XL blue   Filled
43 Dezire 14/16 purple F Filled
44 Dahlia 14/16 pink F Filled
45 Donelle XL purple F Filled
46 Daiziana XL pink F Filled
47 Deadia XL green   Filled
48 Artavio XL red   Filled
49 Michael 3XL Black M Filled
50 Ida 3XL purple/black F Filled
51 Cevyen 3T pink/rose gold F Filled
52 Cali 4T pink/purple/rose gold F Filled
53 Cartier kids medium red/black/yellow M Filled
54 Chazsady 14 youth/JR gold.rose gold/hot pink F Filled
55 Camryn large boys red/black/camo M Filled
56 Kaelab 2Xl black M Filled
57 Iryssa 5T pink F Filled
58 Jordan size 10 or 12 blue or white M Filled
59 Alesia large black or red F Filled
60 Richard Lg/Xl black or red M Filled
61 Devin boys 10 or 12 black M Filled
62 Zephany Adult Lg Blue/Purple F Filled
63 Jezeca Adult Lg Hot pink F Filled
64 Imi Child 5 Hot pink F Filled
65 Grayson Child 5T Black/Orange M Filled
66 Emerson Child 4/5 Blue/Teal M Filled
67 Juliana Child 2T/24 mths Purple F Filled
68 Carlie Child 2T/24 mths Bright Colors F Filled
69 Emily Child L (12-14) Black/Blue F Filled
70 Braxton Child 5T Red/Black M Filled
71 Brooklyn 8 youth Pink/Purple F Filled
72 Maren 4T green/blue F Filled
73 Mercer child 6 pink/purple F Filled
74 Paydenn Child 6T Pink F Filled
75 Jenny Child 4T Green/Blue F Filled
76 Jersi Child 6 T Pink/Purple F Filled
77 Allie Small Adult Black F Filled
78 Rue Small Adult Grey F Filled
79 Alizay Small Adult Grey F Filled
80 Barry Child 8 Pink M Filled
81 Jayla Child 8 Pink F Filled
82 Gabrielle Child 6 Purple M Filled
83 Kemiyah 9-12 month Any Color F Filled
84 Aria Child 4T Pink/Purple /Rainbow F Filled
85 Haleigh Child 2 Pink F Filled
86 Byden Child 8/10 Red M Filled
87 Aydenn Child 6/7 Red M Filled
88 Caleigha Child 2/3 Pink F Filled
89 Jersi Chid 6/7 Pink/purple F Filled
90 Jack 12 month Black M Filled
91 Will Child 5T Blue M Filled
92 Allie Child 2T Pink F Filled
93 Evie Child 5T Purple/Pink F Filled
94 Olman 6 or 6x pink/purple /Rainbow F Filled
95 Jayden Child 12 Blue or Red M Filled
96 Kyrah Adult Lg Black or Red F Filled
97 Allison Child 6 Blue or Black F Filled


Diana Child 4 Dark red blue or green F



99 Odessa Adult Medium neutral/black F


100 Kim Adult Medium Neutral/black F Filled
101 Lydia Adult large neutral/black F Filled
102 Garon Adult 2XL black M Filled
103 Cameron Men's large any colr M Filled
104 Nathan Men's medium black M Filled
105 Harper Girls 6 pink/purple M Filled
106 Tristen 4T blue   Filled
107 Creg adult small camo/army green M Filled
108 Cody adult large dark blue M Filled
109 John adult large Red M Filled
110 Alijah 12-24 boys blue M Filled
111 Rylan 10-12 boys blue M Filled
112 Adrian 4-5 boys blue M Filled
113 Parker 18/20 Blue M Filled
114 Ava 2T Pink F Filled
115 Max 6 Black M Filled
116 Jace 8 Red M Filled
117 Aria 2T Purple F Filled
118 Kaleea adult medium Gray F Filled