The "Mackenzie" Scholarship

Mackenzie Woelbling was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma in September of 2003 at age 3. For the next ten years she fought the battle of her life, facing multiple relapses, as well as an additional diagnosis of osteosarcoma.
Mackenzie stole the heart of many and was an inspiration to all that came to know her. Like any young child she was fun loving, silly, adventurous and loved animals, especially dogs. She had 3 dogs, each one presented to her after she finished her grueling rounds of treatment at Cardinal Glennon. Luna, Osita and Murphy held a special place in her heart.

As she grew older she developed an even stronger will to fight, always with a positive spirit of perseverance. She loved spending time with her friends doing arts and crafts. She especially loved boating on the river and snow skiing with her family, when she was feeling strong enough to do so. Actually, if there was an activity planned, regardless of how she might have felt, she wanted to be involved to the fullest and powered through it!!

Mackenzie loved being in school and worked very hard to keep up with her academics through the 7th grade. This was not always easy for her but knowing that school was the norm for her friends and classmates, she strived to achieve good grades and stay on track with her studies and her classmates. She and her family took full advantage of the educational opportunities offered by "Friends of Kids with Cancer". Frequent visits from "Tom the Tutor" during her weeks in the hospital were not as well received as a visit to the "Toy Closet" but she realized this was part of the program. She and her mom would also make the trek into Webster Groves to work with Tom when she was not in the hospital. This was not always easy for them.


Mackenzie's family would like to honor her memory by offering a scholarship to an applicant that best exemplifies Mackenzie's spirit and lust for life, keeping in mind that perseverance and determination in education are most important!!


All application materials should be sent to:         

16 Sunnen Drive, Suite 161
St. Louis, MO 63143
(314) 275-7440 Fax (314) 275-7446

Questions regarding the scholarship can be directed to Valerie at (314) 275-7440 or