We would like to send a major apology to the following people and businesses for our mistakes in the most recent newsletter. We do our best to make sure every name, donation and any information published is correct, but we sometimes fail to accomplish that. We hope those supporters listed below will accept our heartfelt apology and sincere thanks for their efforts in helping kids with kids!

  • Orange Day, a 3rd Party Event, was the Community Day of GLAXOSMITHKLINE, not Pfizer. Please use the link to their website and see all the amazing things going on with their company.
  • One of our biggest Toy Drives came from Jim Trenary Chevrolet in O'Fallon, not St. Charles. Please visit the Jim Trenary Team in O'Fallon, who supported the kids so graciously with toys during the Holidays!
  • We missed a very special Memorial donation for Greg Beck from the Beck Family. He will always have a special place with the Friends of Kids with Cancer family.