Love for Lexi's Big Heart

JACKSON, MO - The Modern Woodmen Youth Club did a great deed in holding a fundraiser for Lexi Edwards, a patient in treatment at Children's Hospital, called the "Love for Lexi" Campaign. They collected $727.09 through raffles at Modern Woodsman events, selling homemade cookies, lemonade and bookmarks, and a $500 grant from the Modern Woodsman Club.

Lexi, 6, honored their hard work by making a grand gesture of her own: donating all $1,227.09 right back to Friends of Kids with Cancer. Well, almost all of it.

Diane Edwards, Lexi's mother, asked her, "Don't you want to keep just $10 for yourself?" To which she replied, "Just $5. That's all."

Thank you to the Modern Woodsman Youth Club, including Elizabeth Koehler, Olivia Renner, Sophia Park, Taryn Holt, Aaron Koehler, Rachael Koehler, Camille Park and Jon Renner. And thank you to Lexi for her selfless act, and for inspiring everyone with your positive attitude everyday!