Art from the Heart Raises over $20,000

The first ever Art from the Heart event, which showcased pieces created through the Art Therapy program, raised over $20,000 for Friends of Kids with Cancer.

Over 60 pieces, professionally framed cost-free by Arch Framing and Design, were available through silent auction at Joe Buck's downtown. Many of the young artists proudly watched their art raise money to give back to an organization that has helped them.

Friends of Kids with Cancer has been running their Art Therapy program for 12 years now, helping kids in treatment and even their siblings cope with this terrible disease. Working with different art materials, our Art Therapist Natasha Westridge-Wood helps them creatively bring their emotions to the canvas as an outlet to all of the pain and confusion they experience as a part of treatment.

"The kids were empowered and delighted with the incredible interest in their art during the silent auction," said Natasha. "It was exciting for them to watch the bids go higher and higher. Many guests expressed their awe at the children's courage and positive perspective."

We would like to thank Honorary Chair Carole Buck, who helped organize the event with co-chairs Larry Reimelt and Kay Hagan. Larry and Kay helped lead a dynamic and involved committee as well.