Lucky Teen Meets James Cameron - in Zero Gravity

Cartmell in Zero-GFriends of Kids with Cancer sent Matt Cartmell, a 19 year-old engineering student at Mizzou, and his father to Los Angeles to participate in a once-in-a-lifetime experience: Fly to LA, meet OscarĀ®-winning Filmmaker James Cameron and go up in a Zero-Gravity plane.

The Zero-G Experience raised money for the X Prize Foundation, and in celebration of the release of the AVATAR Blu-ray Collector's Set. 20th Century Fox hosted them in an all-expenses paid trip to LA. Special thanks to Warren Betts and Brian Boothe of ZoomWerks Media who coordinated the trip with Friends. Matt is a former cancer patient at what is now the Cardinals Kids Carmell Zero-GCancer Center at St. John's Mercy Children's Hospital. He has previously participated in the Friends of Kids with Cancer Fashion Show, and also was a recipient of the Survivor's Scholarship. Cameron participated as the honored guest on the Zero Gravity "Weightless Flight". Matt heard a presentation about the flight from Cameron before taking off to the Van Nuys Airport in Los Angeles, California.

There he was able to climb aboard the G-FORCE ONE, a specially modified, FAAapproved, Boeing 727-200 aircraft. The flight is identical to those used by NASA to train its astronauts.