50 lbs by her 50th Birthday- Congrats Jeanine on Reaching Your Goal!

We would like to extend a special Holiday CONGRATULATIONS to Jeanine Aubuchon for reaching her lofty goal of losing 50 lbs by her 50th birthday!

Jeanine took on this incredible task in memory of her son, C.J., and his wishes that she take care of her health when he was gone. She also incorporated one of C.J.'s favorite charities, Friends of Kids with Cancer, by collecting pledges from people for every pound she would lose.

Thank you so much to Jeanine, her family and to Hammerbodies Fitness, who donated their time, expertise and fitness center for Jeanine to stay on track. They monitored her progress and gave monthly updates. Here is the final result:

Congrats!!! You did it.

Jeanine's total weight loss was exactly 50 lbs. Total body fat loss was approximately 14%. Total inches lost was approximately 48 inches around the whole body.

Weight on August 4th = 241.5 lbs
Body Fat on August 4th = 43.23%

Weight on December 18th = 191.5 lbs
Body Fat on December 18th = 29.11%

Congrats again Jeanine. We are honored to be part of all this.

Tony Muyco III, CSCS
Director of Training Services
HammerBodies Custom Fitness

If you have pledged during Jeanine's Journey, or if you would now like to contribute in light of Jeanine's Goal, you can do so by clicking here. Thank you to everyone who pledged for their support and the many kind words she received. It made a huge difference, and so did you JEANINE!