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Friends of Kids with Cancer believes that every child with cancer deserves a life filled with fun, laughter, support, and days that feel just plain normal. Our mission is made possible through the generosity of the community. All donations stay in St. Louis providing direct support and services to children battling cancer in local hospitals.

“No chemo, no needles, no pain... just a child playing and being ‘a normal kid’ for a day. It was such a wonderful blessing for her.

Patient Grandmother

With nearly 325 new patients diagnosed every year, Friends is there to ease the day-to-day burdens that arise during the family’s fight against cancer. Friends of Kids with Cancer gives back something medicine alone cannot. Educational, Emotional, and Recreational programs build self-esteem and provide moments of joy and laughter to the entire family! Join today and tell your peers "I'm a Friend" of Friends of Kids with Cancer.

Helping kids with cancer... be kids!

Smile Maker

$10 month / $120 year

Provides a years’ worth of toys for a newly diagnosed patient.


Battle Booster

$29 month / $348 year

Provides a special gift for a child beginning treatment.


Family Friend

$60 month / $720 year

Provides 6 therapy support sessions for the patient, parents, and siblings.


Ambassador of Hope

$92 month / $1,104 year

Brings added hope to a patient that has relapsed through a series of special gifts and memories.


Memory Maker

$140 month / $1,680 year

Creates “forever” experiences such as sporting events and concerts.


Bell Ringer

$220 month / $2,640 year

Provides end of treatment celebrations for the patient, family, and friends.


Friends Forever Member Benefits

When you join the Friends Forever Club, you will join a special group of people devoted to helping children and their families as they fight one of the toughest battles of their lives. As a member you will enjoy the following:

Stories from the Heart

Read heartwarming stories about courage, strength, and character.

First Look Access

Get a “First Look” at everything happening with our events, and programs... plus special access to Friends apparel.

Friends Forever Keychain

Receive an authentic Friends Forever Keychain to show your support for the Giving Club.

Special Recognition

Your name will be published inthe FOKWC Newsletter, Annual Report, and other publications.

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