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    Third-Party Fundraising Guidelines and Policies

    1. Fundraisers must maintain the integrity of Friends of Kids with Cancer (FOKWC). Please ensure to represent FOKWC accurately and with professionalism.

    2. FOKWC is not responsible for any injuries, damage, or theft sustained during a fundraising event and cannot assume any type of liability for your event, participants, volunteers, or employees. We cannot provide liability insurance or coverage for external events and fundraisers.

    3. Organizers are responsible for promoting, planning their fundraiser, generating revenue, and covering expenses. Additionally, all contracts and permits are the responsibility of the organizer.

    4. Promotional materials with FOKWC logo and/or name must be preapproved by the FOKWC Communications Specialist ( prior to release and cannot be used for any other purpose outside of that which is approved.

    5. The first use of the organization’s name must be “Friends of Kids with Cancer (FOKWC).” Subsequent uses can either be “FOKWC” or “Friends of Kids with Cancer.”

    6. All promotional materials must explicitly state the fundraising event is “in support of” or “benefiting” FOKWC, NOT “held by” or “sponsored by” FOKWC.

    7. Donations must be turned into FOKWC after the end of your fundraiser. All checks should be made out to “Friends of Kids with Cancer.”

    8. Do not promise tax receipts. Contact the FOKWC office regarding eligibility. If approved: donor name, mailing address, and phone number must be collected.

    9. FOKWC will not provide any contact lists (i.e. patrons, vendors, sponsors) to third-party organizers.

    10. Upon request, FOKWC can provide the following:

    • Fundraiser Planning Guide
    • FOKWC informational and/or promotional materials
    • FOKWC “Wish List” for collection drives
    • Collection barrels
    • Event signage
    • Guest speaker at event
    • Event advertising through the FOKWC website, email blasts, and social media