Educational & Motivational Assistance Program (EDMAP)

  • High quality, cost-free assistance from EDMAP Educator
  • Individual, small group and home tutorial sessions
  • Helps to develop self-esteem and educational motivation while combating the long-term cognitive effects caused by severity of their treatment
  • Restores the hope of returning to a normal lifestyle

Educational Testing

  • Long-term effects of toxic treatments can be devastating
  • Can cause mild to severe learning difficulties
  • Battery of standardized tests and assessments administered to determine a baseline study of cognitive development and psychosocial stability
  • Meets with teachers to develop individualized learning techniques for academic success


Friends is proud to support the growing number of cancer survivors!

  • "Young Survivors" Scholarship - Amount of the individual scholarship awarded will be in the proximity of $2,000 and $3,500, depending on how many applicants meet the requirements.
  • The Bobby Orf #17 Scholarship - is granted to an applicant who possesses strength, courage, and determination, the three characteristics that defined the life of Bobby Orf.