Educational Testing Support

The neurological and cognitive impact of those who have received chemotherapy greatly varies from person to person. Mild to severe impacts on learning have been observed. Educational and neuro-psychological testing can help students, families, educators and medical teams better navigate their learning needs and inform ways of coping, modifying and developing strategies to be successful in processing information.

As more and more children survive pediatric cancer diagnoses, the need for educational support regarding the after effects of treatment is essential. Current research supports the incorporation of attention to neuro-psychological testing opportunities to monitor acute and late term effects of treatment. Educational testing and success in the learning environment is yet another, and vital way, to improve the quality of life for kids with cancer and their caregivers navigating sometimes intricate educational systems.

  • A community provider administers a battery of standardized tests and assessments to determine a baseline of cognitive and executive functioning that impact learning.
  • Results and suggestions for learning techniques and modifications shared with the student’s education team, as well as a written report.
  • There is no cost to patients and families in collaboration with the patient's Care Team upon request.

Know a child or family who could benefit from our services? Contact the patient's hospital worker or care team for a referral to Friends