The Notion of Emotions | Anger

Anger is a completely normal emotion to have.


Links & Resources


Zen Den Cosmic Kids with Mini the Puppy
Mindfulness Ideas Video—7 min.

What is Mindfulness & How Do You Do It?
Video—8 min.

Crafts to Distract & Calm at Any Age:

How to Make Your Own Stress Ball
Step-by-step Instructions

Playdough Stress Balloon
Step-by-step Instructions

Glass Pebble Stress Ball
Step-by-step Instructions

Emotion Faces Stress Ball
Step-by-step Instructions

Hands-On Ideas:

Melt Down Snowman Crafts
Conversation Prompt:

  • Talk about some ways you know you are able to melt down. What people are in your life who can help you?
  1. Felt Melted Snowman
  2. Shaving Cream Melting Snowman

Snowman Breathing Exercise
Download printable with instructions

Relaxation & Enjoyment:

Muscle Relaxation Guided Exercise
Older Kids, Video—5 min.

Sesame Street "Belly Breathe" with Elmo
Young Kids, Video—2 min.

Zara's Big Messy Day (That Turned Out Okay)
Picture book read by the author with breathing activity.
Young Kids, Video—7 min.

Zones of Regulation Charts
Star Wars, Pokemon, Inside Out, Face Emojis
Young Kids, Chart

The Causes of Anger
Older Kids



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