The Notion of Emotions | Fear

"When I think of fear, I think of the color purple. Purple reminds me of something that is dark and mysterious."


Links & Resources

Mindfulness for Fear:

Go Noodle Guided Meditation
Young Kids, Video—3 min.

Rainbow Breath
The Mindfulness Teacher guided meditation.
Older Kids-Adults, Video—4 min.

Art Therapy for Emotional Pain
Teens-Adults, Video—9 min.

Mindfulness for Fears
Explained by kids
Older Kids-Adult, Video—5 min.

Relaxation & Enjoyment—Young Kids:

Imagine Your Favorite Place
Guided Meditation, Video
—1 min.

Breathing with Shapes
Video—1 min.

Smell the Cocoa Breathing
Video—1 min.

Cosmic Kids Zen Den "Be the Pond"
Video—5 min.

Fear of the Dark
Cosmic Kids Yoga, Wise Owl/Guard Dog brain functions
Video—28 min.

Relaxation & Enjoyment—Teens:

Relaxation Ideas
Animated List

Breathing Explained
Ideas for kids, with visuals
Video—6 min.

Parent Resources:

Make a Coping Skills Tool Kit
Parent Guide, Video—5 min.

Coronavirus Coping Resource
Article with ideas

12 Things You Can Do to Fight 'Flare Fear'
The Mighty Article with Strategies

What Can I Do to Help My Scared Child?
My Brave Guide Article with strategies


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