The Notion of Emotions | Sadness

There are no silly reasons for feeling sad.


Links & Resources

Hands-On Ideas:

Calming Jar Craft
Young Kids,
Video—2 min.

Relaxation & Enjoyment:

Cosmic Kids Zen Den "Be the Pond"
Young Kids, Video—5 min.

Happy Right Now
Ages 2-10; Children's storybook with pictures discussing how to be in the present moment and acceptance.
Young Kids, Video—3 min.

Cutest Baby Animals
Research shows that "cuteness" can capture attention, improve focus, and make us happier by bringing out positive emotions.
Young Kids, Photography

What Makes Kids Happy
Video set to Pharrell Williams' song "Happy"
Young Kids, Video—3 min.

Funny Dogs
Video of puppies being cute.
Young Kids, Video—10 min.

Cheer-Up Ideas:

Journal or Conversation Prompt

  • What's your favorite holiday? What do you love about it? Should we make a plan to have a mini celebration of it now? Could we have that holiday for our favorite group of toys?
    Older Kids

Draw a Snow Globe
Older Kids, Video—6 min.

100 Kids Tell Us What Makes Them Happy
Ages 4-10, Video—4 min.

Dogs Playing Set to Music
Ages Tween-Teen, Video—3 hrs.


The Key to Happiness
Ages Tween-Teen, Article

Happiness References; How to Awaken Joy in Kids
Older Teen-Adult, Article

Where Joy Hides and How to Find It
A design student learns how to visually capture joy in the here and now.
TED Talk Video—13 min.
Older Teen-Adult

Taking In the Good
How to rewire your brain towards happiness.
Older Teen-Adult, Article


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