Art Therapy

  • Provides certified Art Therapist
  • Gives child tool of empowerment
  • Provides communication when words cannot suffice
  • Use artwork as creative outlet to release their emotions
  • Helps them to sort through feelings, confusion, and fear

Psychological Services

  • Provides financial assistance for crisis intervention counseling sessions for children and their entire families
  • Professional psychotherapist
  • Friends also offers support groups for siblings and parents of kids in treatment
  • Goal is to help children and families deal with issues that weigh heavily in minds and heart
  • Expanded to include a play therapist to connect with much younger children
  • Provides for psycho-social testing

Play Therapy

  • Toys in the play room are specifically chosen to allow children the opportunity to develop self-understanding, explore real life situations and resolve their inner conflicts.
  • This approach offers them a safe environment in which they can express their feelings, wishes, and needs.


Questions regarding emotional services can be directed to Valerie at (314) 275-7440 or valerie@friendsofkids.com.